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Fitlife Tip–Eyebrow Threading

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! I can’t believe it, but it’s snowing in Denver. Apparently it was 65 and sunny yesterday, so its a winter wake up call for everyone. I had a really fun weekend in Chicago, including watching the marathon yesterday. Congrats to Galen Rupp, Jordan Hasay, and all my runner friends. The race was sooo packed, there were fans along so much of the course, and there are so many people running that it was a really cool race to spectate. What did you do this past weekend? Today I wanted to share another #Fitlifetip with you– Eyebrow Threading.


Eyebrow Threading

Check out more #Fitlife tips- Dry Shampoo, Livia’s Seasoning Salt, . One thing I started doing in June is getting my eyebrows threaded. OMG it is such a game changer. It takes about 5 minutes and you go once every two-three weeks. The place I go, La Biotique is walk up (no reservation needed) and its such a quick experience. It’s really low pain, and it doesn’t leave your eyebrows looking red like waxing does. The cost is $12 each time.

I have been recommending it to friends this year, and I wanted to make the recommendation to you. I have a few low quality before and after photos. Thanks to the eyebrow threading stylist. But it’s such an easy fix for your grooming and morning routine. I wish I would have known about it sooner.






Health/Workout update

My health is doing a lot better. I haven’t had stomach pain in a bit, the doctors are exploring if my stomach aches have been caused by acid. This week I’m going to explore some fitness stuff that works with my body. I’m thinking of doing some Ski Exercises, swimming, biking and trying to run. We will see how it goes. Not running the marathon this week was very difficult for me. Chicago was a really cool race! Hopefully I’ll get to check it out another year!

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