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Fit Life Tips Livia’s Seasoning Salt

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday, this weekend was a little crazy. I spent Friday night in the ER again with stomach pains. Hopefully, the doctors have a clearer idea of whats going on now. I’m hoping to have some concrete answers this week, so keep your fingers cross. Saturday night, I went out with some friends. Sunday was a rainy day in Denver and I spent the day lounging around, getting ready for the week, and watching my fantasy teams. So far this week is going by pretty quickly. Last night, I had the last session of bible study- we have been studying the book of Hebrews with Jen Wilkins. Tonight I have book club and we are discussing the book Into the Water. I’m excited to catch up with the book club girls since I missed last month. How has your week been going so far? Today I wanted to share a fit life tip with you- Livia’s Seasoning Salt.

Livia’s Seasoning Salt

Livia’s is my favorite spice mix. It’s a mix of salt, pepper, and garlic salt. It’s the perfect blend for whatever you are cooking. From breakfast, to pasta, to guacamole, to kale chips, everything tastes good with Livia’s. Even my homemade burrito bowls that I shared with you guys last year.

The other week, I transferred my Livia’s to a small salt shaker because my normal container got too close to the oven, so I got a new one. Head over here to purchase your own.


A couple summers ago, I worked with a family who started this company. The woman the Company was named after is Livia. Not Olivia, not Liv, her name was Livia. This name reminds me of my great aunt Bobbi- short for Roberta- I wish I would have had more opportunity to spend time with her.

All right, back to the Livia’s. The blend is so simple and so tasty. I know that everyone is raving about Everything Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s.┬áHonestly, I would love that. Everything bagels all day. But I love Livia’s Seasoning Salt too much to try it! I put Livia’s on my eggs most mornings, and I use it in everyday cooking.



I highly recommend finding a favorite spice blend for every day use. It will help make your meal prep go quicker and will give you less decisions in the kitchen. By purchasing this spice blend a few years ago, I’ve saved so much time in the kitchen.

What are your favorite spices to use?

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