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Fierce 45

Monday once again. Womp womp. Weekends go by too fast. This morning, I’m heading back to Oklahoma City this morning after a weekend of work and time in the mountains. I had so much fun in Steamboat. Yup I’m still obsessed with that town. Last week, when I wrote my workouts down for you, I realized that I talk about Fierce 45 on the blog, but I’ve never done a full post on it. With all my obsessions with Fierce 45, I can’t believe I haven’t done a full post on it! If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen videos and pictures of me at Fierce 45 all over my feed. Let me tell you a little bit more.


Fierce 45- Lagree Fitness

Fierce 45 is a lagree fitness class. Lagree fitness was created by Sebastien Lagree. It is a type of high intensity, low impact workout on a Megareformer machine. Using various moves on the machine, you are able to do a total body workout. The workout incorporates really slow, controlled movements that get your muscles to exhaustion. Your body will shake in ways you didn’t know where possible. This will burn through the slow and fast muscle fibers in your body. This method is extremely effective, and I find the class to be difficult every time!


Fierce 45- the studio

Fierce 45 has three studios in Denver, Colorado. But if you look up lagree fitness in your city, I bet there are some. I’ve tried Solidcore in Minneapolis (which is a chain in a lot of cities) and I know that Minneapolis has Lagree MSP.

When you go to Fierce 45, the class is 45 minutes which is enough time to get a really hard work out. I don’t know if I could take this class for a full hour. The studios have about 12 megareformer machines, and one instructor. In each studio, there are clothes, make up, energy bars, etc for purchase.


You will will work your entire body in 45-minutes of strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises. The goal is to keep you in the fat burning zone for the entire duration of class in order to build long, lean muscles.

I really recommend trying a Lagree studio near you. The only downfall is that classes are really expensive! A 10 pack has been working great for me since I still run outside and do cross training, but an unlimited membership at my gym is $199 per month with autopay. Do you have a favorite group fitness class?

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