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February updates

How is it February already? January came and went so quickly! In my line of work, I’m pretty busy Jan-March, so time goes by pretty fast. Growing up in Minnesota, February was long and cold month. One of my favorite parts of Denver is the sunshine, and the random warm days in the winter months. Gotta love a 60 degree and sunny day! It’s always a pleasant surprise and I love going on a hike in the winter months.

Remember that ankle injury from a few weeks ago? I thought it was healed, and for everyday walking around and most exercise it is. I got in the pool the other morning, and I realized that my ankle didn’t feel great during a flutter kick. Frustration! But I’ve goggled a few ankle strengthening exercises to incorporate into my day- resistance band stretching and calf raises for now.

Also I want to apologize for the delay in regular posting on the blog. With my day job as an accountant, I’ve been pretty busy. Sunday-Thursday in OKC, and the weekends in Denver. We are wrapping up a deadline in the next couple weeks, so hopefully you will see more blog posts soon.

On another note, I’ve been chatting with a few people to stay accountable in their workouts. One step closer to becoming a personal trainer, but nothing official yet. I’m still working on my personal trainer materials (but see work note above) and I scheduled my test for the end of May!

-I went to a great super bowl birthday party where I won $25 in Squares! I still can’t believe the Patriots won. Yuck! But James White, a former Badger had a great game which is exciting!
-I have been eating lots of work meals, and I forget how gross my body feels during this time of the year. Lots of sittingĀ and big meals. Some tips for working long hours- I try and save my meals and eat them over two meals (this is usually possible, and proves why America overeats). I also try to get up and walk around every hour or two.
-I went back to one of my favorite classes, Fierce45 Denver last week. They just opened a new location at HillTop, and I highly recommend it! It’s a great workout and the coaches are awesome! Plus I love any studio that’s walking distance from my place!

-I bought some great orange juice yesterday. I probably drank OJ every morning growing up, but now OJ has become more of a morning treat. It is an item I buy when I feel under the weather, but it always brightens my day.

How is your February going??

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