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Farmers Market Tips

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday, meant to get this post up yesterday, but I got behind. I was in MN last weekend, and it was good to see family and friends and just hang out. With an accounting job, this was my first bout of vacation for 2017 and it was much needed. In the past couple weeks, I have been planning my schedule to hit up my favorite farmers markets. The farmers market on S Pearl St in Denver is one of my favorites, and conveniently about 1 mile from my apartment.

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The market opened on Sunday, and I was so happy to walk down the street and stop by a few old favorites with a friend. I was happy to see the new vendors at the market too. Over the years, I’ve considered doing a CSA, community supported agriculture, where you can pick up or have vegetables delivered by local farmers. However with my travel schedule and living alone, going to the farmers market is the option I have chosen.

7 Farmers Market Tips

  1. If possible, walk the whole market before purchasing things. Take a mental note of prices and various fruits and veggies and then hit up the places that seem best for you.
  2. Be mindful of your meal plan for the week and the food you will be able to eat.
  3. Carry cash. Most places will take card, but small businesses appreciate cash. I usually stop at a grocery store or convenience store during the week to have cash for the weekend.
  4. Bring your own bag- this helps for obvious reasons, but it is also eco friendly.
  5. Enjoy all samples! I love the samples at the market! I don’t make a purchase for every sample that I eat, but over the summer I end up making purchases at various vendors that offer samples.
  6. Stop and talk to the farmers or vendors. Small businesses love chatting with their customers and making connections with them.
  7. Don’t expect a quick trip, take some time to appreciate the weather and walk around.

Also, I am so excited to have fresh fruits and veggies for cooking! I am working with a brand called Healthy Glow Guide this summer, and they have six weeks of meal plans and recipes focused on seasonal foods. Check it out! 

Do you have a favorite farmers market?

Also thinking out loud with Amanda today.

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