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Fall colors

I’m loving fall in Colorado so far. It’s been a lot cooler in the evenings, which means my apartment is significantly cooler at night- win! I also saw that Fat Tire is selling their seasonal fall beer- Pumpkick, its my favorite!

I hope you all had a good weekend! I had a friend visiting, we were able to explore Denver this weekend. On Saturday, we hiked a 14er. For those who don’t live in CO, hiking a 14er is when you hike to a mountain that has a summit higher than 14,000 ft. Usually you start pretty high up, closer to 9-12,000 feet depending on the hike.


My friends and I hiked Mt Evans early on Saturday morning. We left Denver around 630 and began hiking around 8am. The hike was somewhere around 4.5 miles round trip and it was a lot of fun. The hike started out really chilly, but as the sun came out it was a really great day. It was nice to get an intense workout in and then we went to indulge at Beaujo’s for pizza.

We hiked the West Ridge via Mt Spaulding from the Summit Lake Trail. This hike had some parts where we were climbing on all fours, and a few spots where it was a little difficult to follow the trail. The cairns were pretty helpful. There were even a couple times when the wind almost knocked us over! Overall it was an awesome mid-distance hike and I really liked that it was close to Denver. It only took like 1.5 hours to drive there which made for a good day trip.

The leaves have started changing colors which made for a really beautiful hike. My friend, aneverydayfit┬ácalled this part of the year, Fallorado. I’m loving that term. Find the best spots to see the Colorado Fall colors here..


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A few things I’m loving this week–


Cairns, or trail markers that are made by hikers to help other hikers stay on trail. They were really helpful on this hike!

This article, it takes a heart to climb a 14er, about a woman who had a heart transplant and hiked a 14er a year later. So inspiring.


I tried Motomaki in Boulder last week, they have sushi bowls- I had the Shrimp Tempura bowl– YUM



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