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Fall 2016, Rocky Mountain National Park

Last week, I made a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). I had a friend from college in town, and we decided to check it out. I wasn’t sure what the trails would be like, since I knew there was snow in the park. NPS has great trail conditions reports on their website. This helped me find a hike that wouldn’t have any snow. We went to Cub Lake , also check out- RMNP Hiking Trails. It took about one hour and 45 minutes from Denver to drive to the trail head. RMNP always feels like a long drive from Denver, but its pretty reasonable.

The hike was really pretty!! First, we started in a field where there was a herd of about 50-70 elk. We saw them running across the field in a pack, and it was a cool experience. The elk were even there after our hike. This was a good 4.5 mile hike because the first part of it was really flat. It gained a small amount of elevation, and the trail was a bit rocky when it was climbing upwards. Make sure to watch your footing if you go on this hike.

This winter, I hope to do a couple snowshoeing day trips, and I would love to go to RMNP. You can rent snowshoes at REI for cheap.

After hiking, we stopped in Estes Park for lunch. We got coffee at Raven Roast Coffee Lounge– I really like this coffee shop because its not a chain and they have lots of seating for Estes Park tourists to sit and chat. We also stumbled upon a cute Candle and gift shop called Once Upon a Hive. Check them out on Etsy! I got a “Summer in Estes Park” scented candle. They have really great monogrammed candles which could make awesome wedding or shower gifts. I can’t wait to get more gifts from Once Upon a Hive in the next year!

Since we went on October 30th, the town of Estes Park was slowing down for the winter season. I wanted to check out the Rock Inn Mountain Tavern and Baldpate Inn for lunch, but they were both closed. I guess, I will have to go back again next year!

Cub Lake Trailhead, Rocky Mountain National Park

Blurry photo, but the Elk looked so cool when they were running in the park!

Cub Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park Cub Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park Cub Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

I had a great time with you Abby! Thanks for always visiting CO!

Cub Lake Trailhead, Rocky Mountain National Park

Saw some beautiful elk in town in Estes Park

Look at these Elk that hang out at one of the main intersections in Estes Park! I have seen Elk there multiple times. Cars always stop to gawk at them! It’s pretty neat!

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  • Megan Anderson-Sparks

    I love love colorado! My favorite destination!

    • cmedwards08@gmail.com

      Glad to hear it Megan! Its so pretty here!