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Exploring a new city on a run

Hi everyone, I’m traveling for work for a few weeks to OKC. I got in a couple days ago, and I’ve been enjoying lap pool at the Y in the mornings. It’s been a great workout for me!! Most of the time when I travel I love to take a morning and go on a short run.


My normal run days are about 3 miles. So when I get into a city, I’ll ask around at my hotel, on public transportation, or the ever trusty Google about great running routes. I’ll find one, usually by a body of water (added bonus if it’s a lake, but that’s the MN girl in me). I’ll take this time to myself to explore.

Sometimes traveling in a group can be overwhelming, so it’s important for me to take a 1/2 hour each day to gather my own thoughts and reflect over exercise.

Also there are so many different things to explore and see on a run. Often times, I’ll find some new restaurant or view that my group HAS to see. Other times, I’ll people watch and just take time to enjoy life. I encourage you to take a walk, jog, or run when you get to a new city. In Chicago, I recommend the 606 trail. Denver’s wash park is a great place to unwind. Almost any lake in Minnesota will give you peace. If you ever find yourself in OKC, there is a fun running trail by the river.

Do you like to run on trips?

Also, a few ramblings and things around the internet.

1. Fresh flowers- at my project site, they have fresh flowers in the bathrooms. I know they are there, but they always brighten my day. This post about fresh flowers by TheFoxAndShe is awesome!
2. The Healthy Glow Guide– I purchased this last week, and I’ve loved the workouts. They are awesome for the business traveler in me. I already love Ambitious Kitchen
and FitFoodieFinds recipes, so I can’t wait to try more in the coming weeks.
3. Staying active- as a CPA, life is getting busy. I really like AnEverydayFit’s tips. I also make sure to get up and walk around the office when my Garmin VivoActive beeps at me.
4. A couple recipe posts that I want to try. Football party recipes, is anyone else sad that college football is over? But wahoo Clemson Tigers. And bring on the super bowl! Also 20 delicious soup recipes.
5. A cool article on Weight Loss Myths, I’ve seen the phrase you can’t outexercise bad nutrition a couple times recently. Hello, January new years resolutions. But I believe good physical health is 80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise. Keep that in mind this year.

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