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Colorado Triathlon Recap

Hi everyone! It’s Thursday! I’m getting excited for the weekend. It’s been a busy week after work with bible study and Rockies game. My bible study just started a new lesson, Hebrews by Jen Wilkin.  What’s new with you this week? The big news is my life is finishing my first Olympic triathlon. If you follow on Instagram, you have seen some posts about the race. I wanted to give you a Colorado Triathlon Recap.


Race details

  • Olympic distance triathlon- 1500m swim (0.93 miles), 23.5 Mile Bike, 10K (6.2 miles) run.
  • Boulder reservoir and surrounding area
  • Coed race, 3 olympic waves for the swim and I raced with my friend Korinne


The Day

It was a beautiful day in Boulder, when we got to the race it was about 55 degrees out, and it was sunny. The water temperature was around 65 degrees which was great with our full sleeve wet suits.

-Swim-  we were in the 2nd wave of the swim, and it started out okay. When I got into the water, I started breathing heavy and knew that I should slow down and get comfortable. I was near the back of the swim but I was happy to be swimming comfortably.

-Bike- I didn’t have my watch set up right to track all three events. Unfortunately, the course had no mile markers, so I had no idea how far I had gone. Also, I didn’t have any idea how many MPH I was going, which I usually know on my Garmin. Note to self, I should get a distance and cadence tracker for my bike!

-Run- The run course was on gravel which I enjoyed. During the run, it was very warm out= almost 70 degrees.  The course was completely in the sun! After getting comfortable running (switching from bike to run always feels funny) the run went pretty well. I did the run with a 9:12 pace which was pretty good after the rest of the race!


Funny story

My friend Korinne had a great swim and she had a really great time heading into transition. When she got on her bike, the back tire was FLAT!! She stopped by some bikers on their Saturday ride, and she asked them if they could help. Since she didn’t have a tube, they weren’t able to help her. After some time, one of the bikers remembered there was a bike shop down the street. Korinne went to the shop and they fixed her bike for her. She sped through the rest of the race and only finished ten minutes after me. So basically she’s the fast one in the group! I’m curious to see how she does in her next race later this year! I think she will have a really great time!

5 of my friends came out to spectate the race which was awesome! We kept telling them they didn’t need to come, but it was so nice to see them on the course. It was definitely motivation!



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  • Beauty in Christ

    The conditions do sound perfect, and your friend really is speedy! WOW. Anybody who does triathlons is amazing! I’m not good at swimming at all.

    • cmedwards08@gmail.com

      Thanks for the comment! Swimming is daunting at first, but over time it becomes second nature like any other exercise.