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Christmas Recap + random thoughts

Hi everyone, I hope you are recovering from all the delicious food, drinks, and time with family. I’m in Minnesota for another week, and I’m very excited to have some time off work. It has been a pretty relaxing holiday, and I hope the next few days will be pretty lazy too. Have you been doing anything fun or any new traditions with your families? Today’s post will be a little different, it will just be a Christmas Recap + random thoughts for the last few days:

  • A new theme for the blog! Thanks TheFoxandShe, shop here, I chose Style for Miles! I’m so excited for this theme, but there will be some adjustments to come as I work through it!
  • I’ve been working on the Certified Personal Trainer class that I mentioned in Fitness update a couple weeks back. The class has been a little harder than I thought it would be. I enjoy learning about some of the stuff, but I’m really excited to become a trainer in general.
  • I got CPR/First Aid/Red Cross certified last week, which is one of the steps to Certified Personal Trainer. After I complete the Certified Personal Trainer courses, I will work on the group exercise courses too. I’m hoping a lot of the knowledge will transfer between the two.
  • I went to Switch Mpls with a friend this week. It was $5 for a week trial class. I really enjoyed their Circuit class. We did a strength section, core section, and plyometric section. It was less cardio than some of my other fitness classes, but I really enjoyed it. It’s a small studio and the studio manager is really awesome. He got to know us in the class.
  • Last week, I made a variation of Pinch of Yum Crockpot Chicken Wild Rice Soup. One day, I’ll make a post about all my variations. This week’s variation was using egg noodles instead of Wild Rice. It had a different flavor, but it was delicious none the less.
  • Christmas this year was mostly money and some stocking stuffers. One gift I was really excited about was a spiralizer for making vegetables into noodles and the Inspiralize Everything Cook Book. I haven’t read through the whole book yet, but I did make zucchini noodles with store bought tomato sauce. It was really tasty!

A few photos from this weekend

(wish I had taken more, but the holidays got in the way)

Sugar dumpling risotto at my parent’s country club. It was really tasty and had a different flavor. The risotto was on top of the squash!

Convinced my dad to go on a walk around the lake the other day. It wasn’t too cold or raining this day.

Christmas eve at Church. Love it!

Christmas eve dinner, Scallops and mashed potatoes., and roasted veggies!

I love our Christmas tree, real trees are the best!!Interested in starting a blog, check out my resources page!

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