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Chicago Marathon Update- Overuse Injury

Hi everyone! Happy Monday. I’m still reveling in the beauty that was Telluride Blues and Brews Festival this weekend. Telluride was such a cool town and I’m glad I finally made it there. Hello checking something new off my Colorado Bucket List. Thankful for my two Texan friends who were in town to hang with me. I’d missed them! Since it’s a Monday, I wanted to give you a Chicago Marathon Update.

Chicago Marathon Update

I’ve been telling all of you about my stomach pains. At this point, it’s been ruled an overuse injury and I’m supposed to rest. I’m going through more medical tests and meeting with a primary care doctor but we still don’t have a specific answer. It’s been a frustrating few weeks of trying to figure things out and see various doctors. My stomach pains have gone down a lot, but I don’t feel like myself when I’m not running. At this point, I’ve deferred my Chicago Marathon race entry for this 2017. I’m pretty bummed about it, but I haven’t run in 3 weeks and my body always feels strained or uncomfortable when I take a few strides down the block.

It’s strange, but a marathon runner has been a large part of my identify since 2011. It feels weird to sleep in and let my body rest, but I’m trying to listen to my body. My appetite has been a lot lower in the last few weeks, and I can tell it’s been affecting my muscle and weight. I know that most people struggle with weight on the other end, but being underweight and managing my weight has been a struggle of mine for years.



Chicago Marathon Plan

I’m still planning to go to Chicago and spectate the marathon. A lot of my friends from college live in Chicago, and I know about 4-5 runners in the race. (I’m sure there are more I don’t know of at this time.) I have a work trip Tuesday-Wednesday of the race, so I will be in Chicago for that, and then I will stay through Sunday evening. Spectating races can be a lot of fun, but I hope I can have a positive attitude for this one. One of my friends from Denver is running and our friend from San Fran. So it will be fun to hang with them in Chicago. Also, I plan to see a few family members who live in the city. Other plans, try and figure out what exercises work for me including hiking and try and improve my attitude about rest.


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  • SO sorry to hear about your stomach issues 🙁 I can totally relate and it took the doctors FOREVER to figure out what was going on with me! Sending you all the good vibes – if you ever wanna chat, let me know!

    • Caitlin Edwards

      Thank you! What did you end up having?