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Chicago Marathon Training

As I’ve mentioned before, I started running marathons in college. I actually started in Ronnie Carda’s marathon training class. Taking a class for my first marathon was awesome because I had a solid crew to train with. For your first race (or even first two races), there is a lot of anxiety about the distance so it’s nice to have other people to train with. During my first race, I started experiencing running GI (stomach) issues, so it wasn’t the best race. However, I’m so happy it started years of marathon running for me.

Fast forward from 2010 to today, I’m training for my 8th marathon which will be in Chicago. Chicago Marathon is known for being an awesome race because of the city and spectators. Hey family and college friends, can’t wait to see you on the course! I can’t believe its time to start training, we signed up for the lottery back in November which seemed like a long time ago. Then my friends and I got selected mid December for the race.


Chicago Marathon Training Goals:

1. Avoid injury
2. Continue speed workouts
3. Finally beat 4 hours!

I will keep you updated the next few months, yes marathon training spans over months. I’m following a Hal Higdon plan that is actually 18 weeks but I’m starting at about 17 weeks from race day.


Training for fall race has a few challenges for me:

a. Training during vacation

b. Heat training, thankfully its pretty cool in the mornings in Denver.

Wish me luck! Have you ever considered running a marathon? Do you have any race day tips for me?

Also I shared this short arm workout on my stories last week. Enjoy!


Linking up with Amanda today


A little bit about this outfit, I love this Singlet from Movin Shoes Madison which was my favorite store on campus. Also these shorts are from Athleta Girl. Yes, I’m 27 and 5’4 and can wear Athleta Girl. Not sure if this is cool or not, but it was definitely cheaper. Even cheaper than my FitPro 30% discount.

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