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Chicago Marathon Training weeks 7 and 8

Happy Tuesday everyone. I took yesterday off in honor of my friend’s bachelorette party. We spent in Lutsen, MN and it was a great time!!! My flight got cancelled on Friday evening due to weather between Denver and Salt Lake (where our inbound flight was coming from). However, I was able to figure it out and get to northern MN around 3pm on Saturday. Yesterday I got a run in at Lake Harriet with a friend too! But here’s more about my Chicago Marathon Training weeks 7 and 8.

Week 7 Highlights

I kept up my swimming and I substituted a 40 min tempo run on my schedule for a 40 mile hill workout. I have started to feel faster in my running and stronger which is great. Also, I went to Denver Sports Recovery! It was so cool, I envision a D1 school or professional sports team having these in their team rooms. There were hot tubs, cool tubs, infrared sauna, electric stimulation, normatek (compression pants). It was really awesome. Denver sports recovery really helped my foot. The first class is free in Denver, and its on classpass.

My long run this week was supposed to be 17 miles, but due to travel and timing I only got 8.5 miles in. I was heading out of town with friends, so we ran before we got on the road. We ran in the Hyland Park Nature Reserve Bike Trails near my parents house. It was a great run! We had an average pace of 9:23 and we were very chatty the whole run. It really helped running at no altitude.



 Week 8 highlights

This week went pretty well! I ran 17 this week to make up for last week! Since I was traveling (again), I was going to run 17 miles before work. Well when I started to walk outside at 4:10am, I realized it was raining. No way was I going to start a run that early in the day in the rain. Also, my phone said it was clear. I layed back down til 4:30, and then I left just before 5 for my run. Got 13.1 miles in before work and then the other 3 miles afterward–oops I only made it to 16 miles.

I went to Denver Sports Recovery after my workout which was awesome. They recommend coming in after a long workout. Other things to note from last week, I did a lot of evening workouts because I was having a hard time waking up in the morning. I ran at Cherry Creek State park one evening around dusk. I saw about 6 deer, and it was really pretty! Then on Tuesday, I went for an hour long bike ride after work. The trails are really good up here and parellal the highway as they wrap around. I also did a 6×800 interval workout that went really well. I enjoyed working out in different locations and switching up my trail. It made the workouts go by quicker.



Listening To

I listened to When Breath Becomes Air. I’m fascinated by this book about a neurosurgeon who ends up with cancer. I would highly recommend it. I also listened to a great How I built this podcast on Clif Bar!

Any updates on your training? Tell me more

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