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Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 5 and 6

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! I’m really excited for this week because I’m only working 4 days and then heading to a friends cabin in Wisconsin Dells. I can’t wait for a girls weekend! This past weekend was a lot of fun, a friend from college and her boyfriend were in town. We went to Fitness on the Rocks, the Coors Brewery, and a hike at mount Falcon. It’s crazy how fast July has gone and even crazier that its only 76 days to Chicago Marathon!


Chicago Marathon Training Recap

Foot pain- Training has been going pretty well these last two weeks. As I mentioned, I was getting nervous about my foot a couple weeks ago. I even did an ice bath and ordered a new foot foam roller. However, during week 5 and 6 my foot held up on a few longer runs (5 x 800 repeats, 7 mile run, and a 12 mile run). So, I’ve started to worry less about my foot. I’m happy it’s feeling better, its taking some stress off of training.


Long runs- My friend Korinne and I did our 12 mile long run last week and it went pretty well. I probably should have taken a few easier days toward the end of the week in anticipation of a Saturday long run. I also did my week 6 long run on Friday after work. It was 16 miles, and the rain held off which was good!

Cross training- I also think my intermittent triathlon training has helped with my running. It has definitely helped me mentally, and I really enjoyed this article about triathlon swimming. I know the video is long (12 minutes– EEK) but its really useful. As I’ve mentioned before, swimming has really helped me feel strong. I can tell my upper body is stronger at the end of long runs. My core stays tighter and I have to focus less on keeping good running form at the end of a run.


Food- Before the 4th, I purchased¬†The Inspiralizer¬†online. I was able to use it the last couple weeks, and I’ve really loved it! It’s so easy to use and it allows me to spiralize more vegetables than before. I really enjoyed a Sweet Potato Carbonara (vegetarian of course). I also made these fries for a BBQ last night, they turned out to be a big hit!


Whats new with you? Any races coming up?

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