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Car Snacks

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. Sorry for going radio silent on the blog. I meant to get another post up for you, but I took some much needed time off this week.  I didn’t get ahead enough last week to have a post for you. Sorry about that! I was skiing this weekend with a friend from high school, and it was so much fun! More to come about that in another post! Today, I wanted to chat with you about car snacks.

Just a little background, I’ve lived in Denver for 4.5 years now, and the last time I drove from CO to MN was when I moved here. However, there is a time and place for everything. This year, I’m catching a ride with two friends to MN for Christmas. We are leaving on Friday around 5am!! I’m an early bird so that part doesn’t bother me. They are coming back before me, so I’m flying with Southwest back to CO. Hopefully, there will be no issues relating to travel and it will be a pretty quick day. I’ve been thinking about what I will pack for car snacks.

Car Snacks

I need to run to the grocery store tomorrow, but these are the snacks I’m planning to bring with me.

Bell peppers
Lara Bars (currently chowing on a pack of chocolate chip ones– NOM NOM)

I know I’ll eat some unhealthy snacks or meals during the day, so these snacks will help me have balance. I’ll probably bring a smoothie to start the day, and some SOS electrolyte water. I have such a small bladder, this water will help me stay hydrated without too many bathroom breaks!

Are you traveling for the holidays? What do you like to eat on the road? Tell me about it!

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