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Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you had a good weekend. I’m had an awesome time in Fort Worth Texas for my friends wedding. I’m so excited to be taking some time off and heading to Banff National Park this week! Follow along on Instagram! This morning I wanted to chat with you about one of my favorite day trips in Colorado. Boulder is about 45 minutes from my apartment, and it makes for a great day away from Denver.

There is sooo much to do in Boulder. Hiking, biking, swimming, eating at restaurants, breweries, rock climbing, and many more. When I go to Boulder, I usually plan to hike, eat, and drink beer. Not sure about you, but if the weather is nice, thats my ideal weekend day. If you live in Denver, or are in the area, make sure to check out some of my favorites.


  • Mount Sanitas, this hike is about 3 miles round trip, 1 mile up and two miles downhill. It takes about an hour each way, and its a great way to get a sweat in while still having fun! Once or twice I’ve tried to speed up mountain, and it can be difficult. But if you take it easy, its a great hike for people visiting Denver. Just put Mount Sanitas Trailhead into your iphone (or android) and you will find it.Boulder-Favorites
  • Chataquah Park, there are so many different hikes and hiking areas in Chataquah. You can go on short hikes or really long ones like to Royal Arch. I recommend the Royal Arch hike if you have time. One thing thats awesome about Chataquah is that you can find hikes for any fitness level. Or you can even enjoy the scenery and walk around on the trails. Added bonus, the houses in the neighborhood are pretty and fun to look at too.Boulder-Favorites


  • Pearl Street, I highly recommend checking out Pearl Street when you are in Boulder. It’s a pedestrian walking street with restaurants, bars, breweries, shops, and sometimes street performers. You can always find something good on this street!
  • The Kitchen Next Door
  • Oak on 14th, this restaurant is always rated really high by 5280 magazine
  • The Med, Greek restaurant, its always really busy!


  • Sanitas Brewing Company, I found this brewery right after it opened in 2013. A friend from college was one of the founders of the brewery, and I really started to love it. They always have a Taco Food truck thats super tasty, and if its nice out their patio and yard is awesome! It’s very dog friendly too!Boulder-Favorites
  • Avery Brewing Company, best food ever. Seriously, I would go for the food, but I love their beer too. They have some different beers that you won’t always see on the liquor store shelves.  The Roasted Veggie Tacos and Roasted Beets are soooo tasty.Boulder-Favorites
    Have you ever been to Boulder? Are there any places that I missed?

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  • pioneerpat1

    I have always wanted to travel to Boulder. Thanks for the pics.

    • cmedwards08@gmail.com

      Of course! Come visit soon!

  • I was out in Boulder last year it’s so gorgeous love the photos. Just followed you on IG

    • cmedwards08@gmail.com

      Thanks! Boulder is such a cool town! There is so much to do! I followed you as well!