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Book club reads

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday It was a nice weekend being in Denver. I got outdoors, helped a friend move, and I celebrated Halloween. All in all it went to fast, but that’s the theme of this year isn’t it? Can’t believe November is on Wednesday- eek! This post is inspired by a few questions I’ve gotten from friends. When I tell people I’m in a book club, I often get asked for book recommendations. So I wanted to make a list for you guys!

Book Club Reads

Light Reads

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo- Amy Schumer- Amy Schumer’s book is hilarious, “In The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy mines her past for stories about her teenage years, her family, relationships, and sex and shares the experiences that have shaped who she is—a woman with the courage to bare her soul to stand up for what she believes in, all while making us laugh.” This was the first book I read for book club, and I got so many laughs from Amy Schumer. It’s a quick light-hearted read.

Eligble– Curtis Sittenfield- Eligble is a modern day Pride and Prejudice. The new doctor in town, Chip, was on the beloved TV show Eligible (the fictional version of the bachelor). This story follows a family with 5 grown daughters who have very different personalities and follows their dating and love lives in Cincinnati. This was another quick beach-type read. It is light-hearted and just fun!


Lilac Girls– Martha Hall Kelly- this is a book about three women in World War II, one of them is in a women’s concentration camp. It follows the lives of these three women who are in the US/France, Poland, and the concentration camp in Germany. It gave me a really different perspective on WWII since I didn’t know much about women’s concentration camps.

Devil in the White City– Erik Larson- this book is about the Chicago World Fair in 1893. It goes through the preparations for the fair and it also follows murders that happened at the fair. It’s a non-fiction book written as a fictional story but its based on real events that happened at the time. I really liked this book because Chicago is one of my favorite towns to visit. It was cool to hear about what the city was like in 1893.

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks– Rebecca Skloot- I actually read this book in college as one of the UW Go Big Read initiatives. Henrietta Lacks’ cells were taken from her body without her knowledge and used for some of the greatest medical discoveries in the 1950s including the Polio vaccine. The family of Henrietta Lacks had no knowledge of her cells, and they were poor African Americans from Virginia. This book is a biography of their lives and discovery of the cells. I really liked this book because it talks about ethics of medicine in a way that you wouldn’t think of. It’s written in a way that you feel like you are in the time period with the family. You gain so much respect for the family but also understand the ways that medicine worked at the time.


Find Her– Lisa Gardner- we choose this book as a scary/creepy book for Halloween. It starts out with a girl who has been kidnapped and it follows her story throughout the kidnapping. It’s really good! It was very suspenseful, and I would recommend it. But it did freak me out at times! The detective in this book, D.D. Warren, has a whole series and this is just one book about her.

Into the Water– Paula Hawkins- another creepy one, this book is about a small town in England where a lot of people (women) have drown. It follows the story of a few of the women who have drown and helps uncover what happened to them. Paula Hawkins also wrote Girl on a Train, and my friends liked that book better. Sometimes this book was hard to follow because it seemed like it could be 2 full books.


A Handmaids Tale– Margaret Atwood- This book is a scifi about a futuristic society in England where women don’t have many rights. The fertile women who are having child bearing years are very valuable because the society is unable to produce children. Now that this book is a Hulu series, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. My friends said that the Hulu series follows the book very closely and its interesting to watch side by side. I still haven’t watched the series, but I’m curious. This book was really interesting to think about and I liked the characters a lot.

When Breath Becomes Air- Paul Kalanithi- Oh my gosh this book, what a tear jerker. This book is an autobiography of Paul Kalanithi who is a neurosurgeon resident who is diagnosed with Lung Cancer at a young age. This book shows his journey with cancer with a medical lens. The life that Paul imagined for himself and his family drastically changes. This book is relevant because cancer affects so many people these days. I would highly recommend this book, but you will probably cry!

The Secret Wife– Gill Paul- I am only a chapter into this book, but I’m excited to read it. It follows a Russian grand duchess from 1916 and a current day English journalist. Both of these women will be linked by a mystery, but I haven’t gotten there yet. I’ll keep you updated on how I like it!

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