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Base Push All Out

Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s almost the middle of December? I am really excited about my friend gift exchange tonight. For the past few years, we have purchased  something we or someone else in the group will like, and then we play the dice game to select gifts. Growing up, I played the dice game at birthday parties and events, and I was surprised to find out my CO friends hadn’t played before! 

I’ve attended OrangeTheory Fitness weekly for the past year and a half. I still love this class and find it challenging every week. I push myself a lot harder when I’m in a group fitness class. Since I started OTF, I have really embraced the Base Push All Out mantra. Most of the time, this is used on the treadmill. My base treadmill pace is between 6-7 mph, push between 7.5-8, and all out around 8 mph. This can also be used on the rowing machine or in other aspects of fitness.

This fall, I did some interval runs outdoors. I chose different distances to run and do base, push, or all out runs. Sometimes, I would run warm up at a base pace, then I would run two long blocks at a push run, and then the next block at an all out run. Other times, I would time the intervals.

OrangeTheory Fitness is my favorite workout class. I always get the best (and sweatiest) workout!

Why I like Base Push All Out

I really enjoy this mantra because it pushes you and holds you accountable to pushing yourself. I recommend planning the workout in advance, so you can stick to your specific speeds. If you aren’t using a machine, these levels can be monitored by effort.

Additionally, active recovery (going back to your base level without stopping to walk or stopping completely) allows your body to keep blood flowing through your legs. This technique also clears away the metabolic waste products that build up during hard running and lead to muscle fatigue. For more on this method, check out this Runners World Article. Finally, OrangeTheory classes can be competitive in nature. While you can’t really see everyone’s times or speeds, you can see the effort they are exerting in each exercise. Seeing someone run a lot faster than me in a push will encourage me to evaluate my workout. Can I run faster? How long are we running at this speed? If I am able to run faster, I will increase the speed on my machine, too. 

Have you ever tried OTF? What did you think?

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