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Another year

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! Last week, I turned 28, another year older. Thanks to everyone who reached out last week! I appreciate all of you! Writing to you from Little Rock, Arkansas for a work trip. Do you have any fun plans this week? Last weekend, I was in Madison, WI visiting with college friends and cheering on our Badgers. And this upcoming weekend, I’m heading to Dallas for a wedding and I will see a couple friends there. I also have two friendsgiving events coming up!


Birthday dinner at True Food Kitchen

Health/Blog update

I know it’s been awhile since I wrote on here. Actually, it’s only been 11 days since my last post, but it feels like a month. Since my overuse injury and stomach issues, I haven’t felt like posting recently. Right now, my current status is that my stomach has been a lot better, but its not perfect yet. The doctors still don’t know what causes the pain, so I’m a bit day to day if I will feel well or not. It’s hard to stay positive on days/weeks when I don’t feel well. I wish there was one definitive answers on what causes my pain so I could fix it. Sometimes, my stomach starts to bother me on days when I walk over 12,000 steps, so I’m trying not worry much about steps. However, all I want is to be running again. Someday this week, I’m going to try running again and see how it goes.


Sunrise walks in Denver


Morning walks in Little Rock

So with all of that, I haven’t been very motivated to be posting on the blog. I’m not sure whats next, but I’m not as focused on growing the blog right now. I’ll definitely be around especially on Instagram, but I’m not putting pressure on myself to write. I’ve put myself on an athleisure spending freeze until I’m working out again. My friends are talking about 2018 races already, and I really want to be part of a big race like Ironman 70.3 Boulder . I’m impatient in waiting to sign up for races, but I don’t want to spend the money when I can’t currently exercise hard.

Birthday celebrations

I had a lot of fun celebrating with friends! I did a couple dinners in Denver, including one at True Food Kitchen which is one of my favorite restaurants. Everything on their menu is good, but my favorites are the bowls and the Autumn/Winter Ingredient salad. Due to all the injuries above, this year has been a lot of change. I never got a call myself a marathoner, but I was an Olympic Triathlete. Also I finally made it to Telluride which had been on my Colorado list for years!

This year, I’m hoping for lots of ski days, and adventures. Next year is filled with lots of weddings and events related to weddings. Which I’m excited about, I already have a lot of trips planned back to the Midwest.




Linking up with Amanda today

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