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ACE Certified Personal trainer

Wow, getting up this morning for my workout and the work day was rough. Anyone else feel the same? I was at a bachelorette party last weekend in southern CO. It was a blast so expect a post about our active weekend later this week!

I am so happy to announce that I’m an ACE certified personal trainer! There are a handful of programs out there, but when I was doing research ACE , NASM and AFAA seemed the most popular. The programs seemed similar, and I made a couple purchases on Black Friday. ACE was the cheapest on that date, so I went with that one.


I also have a group fitness instructor course through AFAA that I hope to start on in a few weeks. A lot of people have asked me what I want to do with these certifications. I currently work in public accounting, and I plan to keep doing that full time. However, I would like to train clients or teach group fitness a few hours a week. 5 hours would be ideal. Working in fitness is something I am very passionate about, and it will give me a little side money!

Notes about the ACE Certified Personal Trainer Test:

1. You only have 6 months to take the test after you purchase it. If you let this time expire, you will need to pay for another exam fee.
2. There is a lot of human anatomy on the test, I never took anatomy in high school or college, so there were a lot of details for me to learn. I was surprised by the level of detail in this portion. Not only did I need to know major muscle groups like hamstrings, I needed to know the various muscles within this group.
3. It is costly to reschedule an exam. I signed up for my test exactly 6 months after I purchased it. I got invited to a work event when the test was schedule, and I asked to change my test to a time earlier in the day, but I was unable to do this.
4. The test is 3 hours and 150 questions, you need to get about 70% of the questions right to pass.


Do you have any tips for a new fitness instructor or personal trainer? Comment below with your tips!

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