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7 tips to adjust after a long travel weekend

Hi everyone, I’m writing to you from Oklahoma City. I’m here for a work trip. I was in KC this weekend for a wedding. I know that adjusting after a long weekend of travel to reality and work can be quite the struggle, okay, its usually a BIG STRUGGLE. The Sunday scaries start sinking in around 2pm, and they continue until you get back to work on Monday.

A friend asked me if I had any tips on how to ease this transition. She said she has troubles getting on a schedule until later in the week, eats poorly, and misses a lot of workouts. I feel you! It’s hard to get back in a routine.

7 tips to adjust after a long travel weekend

7 tips to adjust after a long travel weekend

  1. UNPACK, I mentioned this in Traveling Light, a couple weeks ago. But it still holds true. Unpacking allows you to clean up your home a bit and it really ends the weekend. Putting your stuff back where it belongs in you place helps to ease the transition.
  2. Plan ahead with food. I do this by trying to have some soups, premade meals which are usually from Trader Joe’s, breakfast foods, or frozen homemade meals around my apartment. When I get back into town on a Monday morning, I always eat something out for breakfast and lunch. However, I want to have something easy to eat for dinner. If you are able to avoid the grocery store the first night you get back, you will have more time to unpack and reorganize your life.
  3. Often times, I take a rest day on the day I travel. Why– with two plus of my waking hours on a plane, and at least 1.5 hours getting to the airport early– I just don’t have time. I prefer to prioritize spending time with people before I leave town. I plan my other workouts for the week around this rest day.
  4. Restart your exercise routine- for me this usually means working out before work. If I’ve been traveling, I’m always tired and its hard to get me away. I try to go to bed early, and then wake up at my normal work out time. Motivating yourself with premade coffee, or a big glass or water might help. Or even sleeping in the clothes you will exercise in.
  5. Drink lots of water- when I’m traveling via car or plane, I never drink enough water. This makes me dehydrated and rather cranky the next day or so. Usually when I’m traveling for a wedding, friends weekend, etc, I will be drinking and the water will help with the alcohol dehydration as well!
  6. Address small emails while you are away-for me, a clean inbox is similar to a completed to-do list. After traveling (and even taking a day off of work), my inbox can get a little crazy. This is all relative compared to my friends who have 1000+ unread emails in their gmail. However, I’ve found if I get onto my gmail or work email for about 15 minutes and close out some of the emails that I don’t need I will feel a lot better when I return to work.
  7. Use the airport time to make a to-do list of things for when you return. Start with personal and apartment stuff, and then tackle your work list. This will help you meet small accomplishments when you return.

7 tips to adjust after a long weekend2

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