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5 ways to survive a long run

Last week, I ran 7 miles!! The body can do amazing things when you push yourself. I hadn’t run more than 4 miles since Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June. So why wouldn’t I go on a Sunday evening run in OKC when its 85 degrees out in humidity? Great decisions right? Surprisingly this run went pretty well.  However, there are a few things I wish I would have done before my run. Here are my 5 ways to survive a long run:


1. Plan your route in advance. I used to use Map My Run weekly, now thanks to my Garmin (fitness trackers and garmin vivoactive), I know the distance of my favorite runs.  For this week’s run in OKC, I googled some trails in the area and drove out to one to explore.
2. Bring water and fuel with you. If the route doesn’t have drinking fountains, it is important to bring water with you. Sometimes I leave some in the car, or set it outside along the route and double back for a sip. When I’m running in the 6+ mile range, I usually bring some fuel with me. I really like Trader Joe’s peanut butter granola bars and Honey Stinger energy chews- pink lemonade is my favorite.
3. Dress appropriately, a general rule of thumb is that you will be about 10 degrees warmer than the outdoor temperature. So when its 50 degrees out, your body will feel about 60 degrees. As a Minnesota girl, I’m prone to dress in LOTS of layers and take them off when I run. Yes, I do wear my sweatshirts around my waist..
4. It’s always okay to walk. I walked a couple short times on my latest run, but I made the run work. It allowed me to calm down and refocus on the run. Bad runs do happen after all.
5. Have a cardio or running playlist handy. My go to is Cardio on Spotify. If the route isn’t busy, it’s definitely acceptable to listen to your music without headphones. When I haven’t been running often, listening to music really helps me keep my thoughts off my breathing and my lack of running fitness.

The views on my run in OKC were great!!

5 tips to survive a long run

Do you have any tips for long runs? Whats your favorite route?

Btw, a bad workout, and Packing your hiking bag!

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  • Mackenzie with mackmarie.com

    I had no idea about dressing 10 degrees warmer than the outdoor temperature and I have ran for years! That is so informative. I love anything Honey Stinger! One of my tips is when I find a song I love throughout the week I save it for a long run and don’t listen to it until that long run. I do that with a marathon playlist and it’s like a treat to be able to listen to all these songs that I love that I haven’t let myself listen to until the big race! Thanks for all these suggestions- they are excellent!

    • Caitlin Edwards

      Hi Mackenzie! Thanks for the comment! Great tip about the long run, I just found a new song, and I will have to do that!