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5 Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

HI everyone!  Did you have a good weekend? I worked a lot it had a fun girls night on Friday and went hiking on Sunday. About a year and a half ago, I watched the Netflix Documentary Fed Up. It was recommended to me by a couple friends when they told me they were trying to eat less sugar. I always enjoy learning more about nutrition, so I gave it a watch.

Similar to other health documentaries, Fed Up made bold claims linked obesity and sugar. The movie also talked about how sugar has let to childhood obesity and the impacts of that obesity on the full human life. Have you seen the movie before? The claims were a little bold, but I agree that a lot of Americans could benefit from reducing their sugar intake.

Dr Axe details out a lot of sugar free benefits in his post, including having more stable moods. To be fair, I don’t have a natural sweet tooth. I’m a salty snack kind of girl, and potato chips are a big part of my diet. (Can’t help it, I love them). I try to avoid buying them at the grocery store though. One of my favorite bloggers, Pinch of Yum is doing a Sugar Free January challenge, so I’m not the only one who thinks reducing sugar is a good idea. Check out her post for more information.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

1. Check your breakfast foods, I mentioned this before, but yogurt has a lot of added sugar in it, and so after seeing Fed Up I cut it out.  I do get yogurt occasionally, and seriously the Trader Joe’s Strawberry is my favorite. Seems like all the best tasting things have high sugar and lots of butter in them, sigh.

2. Start your day with a smoothie. I know that smoothies have sugar in them, but they are natural fruit sugars. Most days, I have a smoothie with strawberries, bananas, kale, oatmeal, protein powder, and almond milk. Smoothies are a great way to start your day with something sweet, but in a way that you won’t feel guilty.


3. Check your bars. I’m a bar addict- I always have some sort of bar or energy chew in my bag. I try to stay under 10g of sugar in bars. I’m not perfect though my energy chews for exercising or just sometimes snacking have 27g of sugar in a bag. But for me, avoiding hanger is key.

4. Swap out one sugary coffee drink for lemon water a week. I’ve geeked out on my feelings about caffeine in the past, but sometimes the best tasting coffee drinks are full of sugar. Once you start swapping out one drink a week, it will be easier to go forward without stopping cold turkey.


5. Swap out a soda for lemon water, obviously this tip is similar to number 4. I’ve never been a pop drinker (except when I’m drinking alcohol) but I know that some people love their Diet Coke or Coke products.


Do you have a lot of sugar in your diet? Thanks Amanda for letting me link up today!

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