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5 tips to Hosting Visitors

There are so many perks of living in Denver, mountains, sunshine, mild weather, visitors, and so many more. It’s fun living in a place where people want to visit and want to go on adventures. (Shout out to the adventure chicks and their visit a couple years ago). It’s fun when people come into town to hike or ski, or just to hang out with me :). I love showing people around Denver, and Summit County! As anyone who has hosted visitors knows, it can be a little overwhelming. Cleaning your home, having clean towels and bedding for your guests, planning the weekend, etc. I wanted to share a few tips with you for hosting visitors.

5 Tips for hosting visitors

  1. Don’t wait to get everything ready– It can be overwhelming to get all the tasks done at one time, so I like to break them up. I make a task list, and then tackle it throughout the week before my guests arrive.
  2. Grocery shop in advance- I like to eat some meals at my apartment when friends are in town. Usually this is breakfast or lunch. I try to get groceries for my visitors at the trip before they arrive. I try not to make a separate grocery run for visitors. Pro tip: Try to brainstorm some foods that your guests will like and have them ready. One of my college friends eats really hearty oatmeal every day, so I like to have some things ready for that when she visits.
  3. Have a one big plan for each day– when I have friends in town they always want to adventure. I attempt to have one big plan ready for each day. For example, I had a couple friends in town in May, I planned for us to drive to Fort Collins and go to a couple breweries up there. I didn’t plan every event for the day, but I had the main event for the day planned.
  4. Book any tours in advance– Sometimes events in Colorado need reservations. If I know my friends might want to go to the New Belgium tour, I book that in advance.
  5. Dinner reservations– If there are a couple fun places you have in mind, make a reservation in advance. You can always cancel it, but then you have that activity planned!

Do you have any other hosting tips???

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