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2017 Race Calendar

Wow, its almost April. I can’t believe it. With the warm weather in Denver, it’s been hard to tell that it’s spring. Some weekends it has felt like summer!! I’ve been loving the longer days since daylight savings a few weeks ago.

What are you looking forward to in April? I am looking forward to Easter and a bridal shower in Houston. I’m also excited to start a coed softball league with friends. We play on Tuesday nights, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a good excuse to hang out with a big group and be social on “school nights.”

2017 Race Calendar

I know that this year, I’ve been talking about fitness goals, and what i’ve been working on in my fitness life. But I’m very happy to announce that I’m registered for two big races this year! I think I’ve already told you about Chicago Marathon- Oct 9th. To sign up for the Chicago lottery, I had to apply back in November which seemed crazy early! I am also doing an Olympic Triathlon in Boulder, CO on June 3rd. This will be a new distance for me, but I’m really excited about the challenge.

Bike Commute

Two weeks ago, my favorite bike shop, Wheat Ridge Cyclery, was having a spring sale. I got a new bike top, pedals, and clip in shoes. I’ve been learning how to use the shoes and navigate biking to work with smaller pedals but I think these pedals will enhance my biking a lot. On the first day that I used them, I could feel the difference. Once, my March membership at #Fierce45 ends (on Saturday sadly), I will start getting in the pool again for the race. Things I want to practice before the triathlon is a few biking and running repetitions. As you know, running is my strong suit. But after swimming and biking, its a lot more difficult to start running.

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  • I found your blog through Kelly in the City and am really excited to find another Denver blogger! I work for a Big 4 firm (though in consulting, not accounting) and live just south of Boulder. Looking forward to reading about more Colorado activities 🙂

    • cmedwards08@gmail.com

      Hi Laura! Thanks for reaching out! I’m glad you found my blog! I added you to my blog lovin account to follow along!