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2017 goals

Does anyone write down goals for the year? Or resolutions that they will stick to?

I’m not one for many resolutions or strict goals for the year. Last year, a couple of the things I wanted to do was be more punctual and read more. I joined a book club at the end of the year, and I probably read like 4 books and lots of magazines. I also started Read The Bible In A Year. When I started it in Jan 2016, I didn’t do very well. I restarted in Sept 2016, and I’ve been on track ever since. I know I haven’t completed the bible, but I have made some progress.

One other goal or rule that I set for myself in 2016 was no international travel. I traveled for two weeks in Dec 2015-January 2nd, 2016 to Thailand and South Korea, but I didn’t count that. Last year I rang in 2016 in Suwon, and this year will be Minneapolis.

2016 NYE.

My 2017 goals are:
1. Become a certified personal trainer
2. Become certified in group fitness
3. Get a part time job in personal training and group fitness.
4. Read 6 books throughout the year
5. Keep up on reading my magazines
6. Continue to make homecooked meals when I am in town.
7. Try to eat healthy while out of town.
8. Travel to Europe with my family, potentially Ireland and Scotland, but still working out the details :). I can’t wait for a big trip!
9. Finish the bible in a year

I’m sure there will be many more small and large goals for 2017, but I am really excited to see where this year brings me.  I’m also hoping to do a few weekend trips throughout Colorado- one is planned to Crested Butte, and I’d love to explore Telluride and some other areas further from Denver.

Do you have any goals for 2017?

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