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2016 Review

Happy New Year! I understand that the 2016 year in review post was probably supposed to come BEFORE the 2017 goals, but whatever. Here’s to a little surprise in the world, and sometimes taking life as it comes. (Or in this case, how the ideas come).

Last year, I rang in the New Year with my sister and two cousins in Suwon (outside of Seoul), South Korea. This year, I rang in the New Year with my two cousins in Minneapolis. We missed ya little sister. Needless to say, it was a crazy year, and I can’t believe how fast it went. So much travel, but it was worth the flights and the time spent away from Denver.

2016 Review

• As mentioned, there was a lot of travel- trips to Oklahoma City and Little Rock for work. Followed by college friend reunions at the Kentucky Derby, Green Bay Marathon, Visits to MKE and Chicago. Trips throughout Colorado to Cuchara, Steamboat, and Aspen. There were also runner friend reunions in northern MN for Grandma’s Half Marathon and Marathon, and a visit to Seattle where no running was involve. I also made a trip to Kansas City to visit family and countless trips to Minneapolis. Throughout it all, I began to trust the traveler in me, embrace Traveling Light, and learn to Adjust After Weekend Trips. Also, countless shoutouts to Southwest Airlines for making all of this happen.
I started blogging, and I’ve written 59 blog posts to date! I am so excited with the progress of the blog. I have learned so much, and I know that there is soooo much to learn. I am hoping to get more into video in the next year, and creating some new workouts for you all!
• My three races were- Green Bay Marathon, Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, and Outdoor Divas Sprint Triathlon. After that, I’ve been taking lots of different fitness classes. I love Switch Mpls, Fierce 45, Orangetheory Fitness, and I’ve started to appreciate Barre classes too. I really like trying new workout classes, and I can’t wait to keep trying more. Next year, I’m running Chicago Marathon so fitness classes will probably end in the spring, but it’s been fun.
• In 2016, a few of my friends moved away from Denver. It was a little difficult, but I’ve learned that friendships don’t change when you live on other sides of the country. I’m also grateful for the new friendships that have begun in 2016.
All in all, 2016 for me was a good year. I know that politics and the news can bring people down this year, but remember to be thankful for everything that we do have.
Happy New Year!

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