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Triathlon Training weeks 5 and 6

Another work week come and gone. There has been a lot of rain in Denver this week, and I’ve been busy at work. I’m ready for the weekend. I don’t have a lot of plans, a couple triathlon work outs, including an OPEN WATER SWIM, and a graduation party for my friends! Triathlon training has been going well these last two weeks. The program I’m using is a mesocycle, so three weeks of increasing distances and one recovery week. This week was a recovery week, and I really enjoyed it.

Triathlon Training in Denver, CO

How my body felt:

Week 5: Since this was the last week of increasing mileage, I was sore all week. My body felt a little dead when I was doing the next days workouts. The distances were long, but challenging. This week gave me confidence.
Week 6: Hallelujah recovery week. Since I was busy, the shorter workouts were a blessing. Also, my body feels better after this week. Less soreness, and I feel stronger on my workouts.

Highlights in triathlon training weeks 5 and 6-

  • I really enjoy being able to do longer workouts on the weekends. Sunday bike rides with a friend have been a lot of fun.
  • On Sunday, I loaded my bike into the car for a longer ride. When I was about two blocks from my friends house, my chain came off my bike. I was trying to fix it by putting the chain back on the bike, but it was stuck in one spot. After about 15 minutes, I almost gave up, but thankfully I was able to figure it out. Often times, I think I’m very knowledgable about biking, but when things go wrong with my bike, I remember that I’m a rookie. I don’t know much about bike maintenance yet.
  • Spin classes have been helping in my training. I have done a few 45 minute spin classes at Define Denver and Rebel Workout. I wrote a review of Define Denver.
  • I start training for Chicago Marathon a few days after my triathlon.
  • At this point, I’m not nervous for the race. Just excited. I am hoping for a time between 3 hr and 3 hr 30 min.
  • I would like to improve my biking speed, but I get a little nervous going over 20 miles. I have been using one trail near my house to do some intervals and push speeds.
  • Fuel- I am starting to learn about how much to eat when triathlon training. Normally I don’t eat until I get to work, but I’ve been hungry on morning workouts. I’ve been buying lots of Stinger!


Triathlon Training in Denver, CO

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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