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Rock Climbing

Happy Thursday! Once again I’m heading to the Midwest for a short vacation! I’m going with my family and some of my dads side to Land O Lakes, WI. If you’ve been there please send me recommendations. This part of wisconsin is called the “UP” it’s right on the wisconsin/Michigan border in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming over here, one of my favorite sports is rock climbing. Growing up I went rock climbing about once a year at an occasional camp or sports day. When I moved to Colorado I started outdoor rock climbing and going to the rock climbing gym. I only go a handful of times a year, but it is so much fun! (Thanks to Nathan and Sarah Shriver for always bringing me on rock climbing adventures!)

Rock climbing is an amazing mental and physical workout. Through rock climbing, I learned a few thoughts I wanted to share with you.


Trust your belayer

When rock climbing, you are on belay which means through the pulley system of the ropes and harnesses, you are being held up by someone else. You must trust this person fully that they understand the sport of rock climbing and that they will stay focused on your climb.

Forearm strength is real

When you are climbing you will use your forearms a lot. Forearm soreness is a real thing, and a slightly weird feeling. There aren’t many sports or exercises that focus on your forearm strength, so I prefer to rock climb to make my forearms stronger.

Use your legs

Even though forearm strength is important and will develop in your climbing, your legs are very helpful in rock climbing. If you think about your body composition, your legs have a lot more leverage in pushing upwards opposed to pulling with your arms. When I started climbing, I thought I would only use my arms, but your legs have a lot more power to push your body the route or wall.

If you are in Denver, you should check out Movement Climbing + Fitness with a friend. I also recommend climbing in Golden, Colorado and using the Mountain Project to find routes.

Rock-climbing Rock-climbing

Have you ever been rock climbing before? Any tips for newbies?

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