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Outdoor Tri Review

This weekend, I raced in Outdoor Divas tri, as the name suggests it was a Womens Tri. This race was in Longmont, CO with the swim in Union Reservoir. It was a sprint distance with a bit longer swim than normal. In general I enjoyed the course- the swim and bike were single loop and the run was out and back. I also liked that it was all women on the course and that it wasn’t too large of a race. I think the race was capped at 600.


img_1297  img_1303

My bike in the transition area before the race. For some reason there were a lot of hot air balloons in Longmont that morning, they were really pretty! Also, shout out to these girls who raced with me. It definitely helped me get to the race!


Before the race!

Swim- it took me a long time to get comfortable and find a rhythm, and my time was better than I thought it would be. Wahoo!

Bike- ith my new bike, I thought this would go better. However I got passed a lot on the bike, looking back this was fine  but it was so frustrating at the time. (Cussing in my head at everyone-oops)

Run- the run went great, there was one hill but otherwise it was pretty flat. I liked being able to see everyone on the out and back. I was also able to pass people on the run which reminded me why that is my sport. We ran on a dirt/gravel road which I enjoyed.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda-

Next time I’ll have clip in shoes and pedals. I think they help a lot- but I’ll have to learn to use them first.

I would have ate better the day before the race, my stomach and eating didn’t feel great.

Practice swimming more and track meters when I do it. Six times swimming was enough for me to feel, confident that I could complete the swim, but I didn’t feel great during the race.

Training Plan

To be honest, I didn’t have much of a training plan. After Green Bay Marathon in May, and Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in June, I had a pretty steady running base to start with. So after these races ended, I was excited to swim and bike. I swam 6 times before the race, twice in open water,  and the rest in pools. I bought a road bike in April, and I was very excited to explore Denver on it.

My swim (750m) vs Katie Ledecky (800m)

Katie swam an 8:04 and I swam an 18:33, I was pretty proud of my time for the swim, but it could always improve.

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Have you ever done a tri? Have you ever wanted to do a tri?


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