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Open Water Swimming

Happy Friday, coming at you from rainy Minnesota. Don’t worry, I brought my Eddie Bauer purple rain coat with me. Purple rain anyone? Have you ever done any open water swimming?


My open water swimming is pretty limited. I’ve done a few workouts in beautiful Lake Caribou when I’ve been Up North. For those, I have either swam to the cross on the other side of the lake, or swam in between two docks. Additionally, I’ve completed to sprint triathlons where I was swimming in open water (once in MN and one in CO).


Fast forward to this week, where I did two open water swims. The first one was a bit of a mess, the wet suit I rented was too big and I could not get comfortable in the water. I did a little doggie paddle and kicking on my back. By the last turn of the course/route, I finally got used to swimming in the wetsuit. But I felt pretty defeated when I left.

Thankfully, the store I rented from was very helpful. They let me rent another wetsuit to try out for no additional cost! I was so happy! I went swimming in the morning. It was about 50 degrees outside and water temp of about 60. So it was a cold morning. But the wetsuit fit properly, and I felt confident swimming the distance (750m).


5 Tips for Open Water Swimming

  1. Do a wetsuit trial before race day (see above)
  2. Swim however is comfortable. When I swim in the pool, I take at least three strokes before breathing in freestyle. In open water, I usually only do two strokes, and I pick the side that feels most comfortable that day.
  3. Prepare for cold water temperatures but embrace it.
  4. Look up often to make sure you are staying on track. I tend to veer left a lot when swimming in open water.
  5. Remember that open water swimming is very different than in a pool and adjust your expected swim times to this.


Tell me whats on the agenda for your weekend?

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