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Music or No Music

Hi everyone, happy 4/4. Two of my good friends turn 27 today! Happy bday to those guys! Wahoo to my schedule slowing down a little bit and having a little more time for week night activities. Starting to see the other side of my busy time. Bring on PTO and summer vacations. Do you have any trips you are looking forward to? I told you guys about my 2017 Race Goals, but I’m also excited for vacations! This summer there are a lot of wedding related trips, weekends in the midwest, and a trip to Banff, Canada!

Speaking of summer time, is anyone else getting excited to run outside in warm weather? While I can usually find decent running weather in Denver, I’m excited for warmer days and more daylight. A few weeks ago, a friend gave me an idea to post about running with or without music.

What works for me.

I usually run without my headphones, and I let myself space out and enjoy the scenery. Usually I run in the mornings, and I’m planning out my day and my week to come. Sometimes I will pray or sing church hymns while on the run, it gives me time to work on my relationship with the Lord. Whenever I’m running, I try to be grateful for the fact that I am running and that I am able to run.

When I became a serious runner, I had dreams of Boston Marathon. Let’s be honest, I still do have dreams of a BQ and running that race. To qualify for Boston, you are not supposed to race with headphones and I think thats why I started running without music. It makes running a bit more of a mental game which I really enjoy.

Reasons to run with music

Motivation- On days that I’m dreading my run mentally, or when the weather is bad, I will put on a cardio playlist (hello spotify) and rock out. Tunes will help me get out the door to start my run.

Speed- Listening to an upbeat song can help you increase your speed. Running to a fast beat will motivate you to go faster and keep up. All of a sudden, you may be half way through your run without noticing.

Do you run with music or no music? I suggest you take some time this month and go on a run in a pretty part of town, or on a trail run if possible. I promise that some sunshine and being one with nature will improve your mood.



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