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Mountain Biking

Hi to all the loyal blog readers out there! It’s been crazy to think that after a year, I’m still working on this blog. Through everything, its a been a blast! This week I hit my 4 year Denversary as well, and I’ll be recapping that on the blog sometime soon! It’s crazy to think that I’ve lived here for four years. So many friends have come and visited, and so many friends that I have met. (Some of which live across the country now). Today I wanted to chat with you about a Denver bucket list adventure that I went on– Mountain Biking!

mountain-bkiking The price was good, about 45$When I got to the shop, the workers were super helpful and friendly. The set me up with a bike and adjusted the seat for me.

The Bike

OMG this bike was sooooo nice- I rode the Specialized Camber. It had full suspension which on a mountain bike means there is suspension (which helps cushion the bike going over bumps) in the front and back of the bike. The bike was wider than I was used to which took a bit of time to get used to. The bike was Specialized and wayyyyyy out of my price range. I was so excited to be renting such a high quality bike. But I’m also a bit spoiled for the next time I go mountain biking.


The Ride

After looking at trails on the Mountain Bike Project and looking for a good location, my friends and I decided on Green Mountain (fun fact, Green Mountain is where my friend got engaged in November). There was an 8 mile loop that we planned to do. It was a really warm Sunday about 90 degrees, so we put on our sunscreen and headed out. I really enjoyed biking, but I had to walk my bike A LOT. It made me feel pretty out of shape.

Unfortunately, we got lost about 1/2 around the park which was actually pretty big. We ended going around this corner and the trail got really narrow. I fell a couple times and got some pretty intense scratches and bruises. But it’s all good. We had to use google maps to get us back to our cars.

Notes for next time

  1. Full suspension bikes are AWESOME
  2. Make sure you know where the trail is, and if get it really narrow assume you went the wrong way. I think we should have turned back after I fell once, but we kept thinking we would find the trail.
  3. Pack sunscreen in your backpack. I should have reapplied sunscreen when we were gone for so long, but I didn’t have any with me.
  4. I would pack twice as much water as I did too (see number 3).
  5. Have fun!


Regardless of getting lost and falling, we did have a fun time! And I will try mountain biking again. Hopefully we will stay on the path though!

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