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May challenge

How is it May 1st already? Over the weekend we got a few inches of snow in Denver. In typical Denver fashion, this snow is already melted and I think the high is 70 today. Talk about crazy Denver weather.

I was able to get outside over the weekend for a couple longer workouts. Saturday, I bundled up an went on a 6 mile run. This is longest I have run since last summer. It felt good! I was happy with the run even though it was cold and SNOWY. Sunday I went to the pool and on a longer bike ride with a friend. Afterwards, my friend and I went to Colorado Tri Company to rent wet suits for our upcoming race. EEEK.

Do you ever have goals or ideas of things you want to accomplish? For the past couple months, I’ve been wanting to avoid my snooze button. To be honest, I’m a morning person and I rarely sleep past 7:30am without an alarm. But when I set my alarm to have morning bible time, workout, and get ready, and I am unrealistic about sleep.

One of my friends even gave up her snooze button for lent… I should check in with her on how that went. I’ve also seen blog posts recently about how to get up in the morning or how to be a morning workout person.

My May Challenge

-Be realistic about the time I plan to wake up
-Do not use my snooze button
-If I am able to sleep in, don’t use an alarm

In other news, last week I went to a Stella and Dot party. I really like their jewelry, I got a new black clutch for wedding season! I’m really excited to get them later this week!

How was your weekend? Any goals for the month of May?

Thinking out Loud with Amanda.

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