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Investing in a Bike

Have I told you guys how much I love my bike? It’s great for a short commute to work, and it stuck with me through a Sprint Triathlon. Let me tell you, I’d been considering investing in a bike for years. The last bike I got for myself was when I was about 8, it was purple and wrapped by my new foosball table on Christmas morning. #Tomboylife. In college, I used a bike that was my dad’s and from a garage sale. It got me from point A to point B around campus. But I think it was older than me…


One summer, I had my bike at camp and it popped a tire on the gravel road. Note to self, old school road bikes and gravel roads don’t really mix. To this day, I think that bike has a flat tire in my parents garage. If only we knew that you can take a bike to a bike shop, and have them repair it for like $15.

Last spring, I FINALLY made the big bike purchase. I definitely wanted a bike I could use in triathlons and hopefully around town. One of my coworkers suggested I get a road bike, and her favorite store, Wheat Ridge Cyclery was having a sale. I knew what size I was and went into the store. 30 minutes later I had a Specialized bike to my name. My obsession with my bike rivals my obsession with my skis, and that is saying a lot.


Tips for Investing in a Bike-

1. First, my recommendation would be talking to someone who is knowledgeable about bikes and asking them for a good store in the area.
2. For a new or even last season bike, I would plan to spend about $1000 for a road bike, but this bike will last for a long time with minimal maintenance.
3. If you prefer finding a bike at a discount, do some research online about size. Having a bike that is right for your height is very important. Google can help you pick the right size, this Bike size chart is great. Craiglist or garage sales can be great for bikes!
4. I went one season with normal traditional pedals on my bike, but for long distances clip-less shoes are really great. Did you know that bike shoes were you clip into your pedals are called Clip less? Weird I know… but they are great.
5. One of the easiest ways to take care of your bike is to purchase a bike pump. I didnt know this until about 6 months into having my bike, but for a road bike you are supposed to pump your tires EVERY time you use it. And for a wimpy girl, pumping your bike tires to the right level can be difficult. I promise it gets easier every time.


Have you bought a NICE bike? What kind do you have??

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