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Friday Faves #4

We made it to FRIDAY! I have a college friend coming to visit this weekend. She comes to visit every year, and I’ve been able to show her different parts of Colorado over the years. It’s been a fun fall tradition. On to my friday faves #4 to share with you this week–

  1. Breakfast tacos- these tacos are filled with eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, avocado, and peppers. So tasty and a great way to start my morning. Siracha was definitely added.Friday Faves #4
  2. Dinner tacos at Cultivar Restaurant which recently opened in OKC. These sauces were really fun too. Clearly, I LOVE tacos! I tried the herb roasted mushroom and the grilled shrimp tacos. I highly recommend them, I am excited to go to back to this restaurant for their “not tacos” aka burritos, burrito bowls, salads, etc.Friday Faves #4
  3. Nature walks in northern Colorado, this walk was to Denny’s Point and it was BEAUTIFUL.Colorado-nature-hikes
  4. Minnesota Wild Rice Soup, I make a rendition of Pinch of Yum’s Crock Pot Chicken Wild Rice Soup, mine is made in the crockpot and this version had mushrooms, kale, shredded carrots, and corn. I froze two portions to eat later when I haven’t had time to meal prep.
    MN wild rice soup
  5. Camp fires, we had a camp fire while I was out of town last weekend. Fun fact, until about two years ago, I didn’t know the difference between a campfire and bonfire. In the midwest, we call fires at a friends house, bonfires. I was quickly corrected when I moved to Colorado. I still consider these types of fires, bonfires though.Friday Faves #4
    This week’s workouts

    Saturday: 2 mile run at 9,200 ft elevation (wow this was a slow and difficult run), followed by a 4 mile nature walk
    Sunday: roller blade 5.25 miles around the park.
    Monday: 3 mile run in my neighborhood- I ran at like 7pm which was very unlike me. But sometimes when I don’t sleep well, I have a hard time getting up to work out.
    uesday- I tried Fierce 45 which is a high intensity low impact class. “Fierce45     incorporates slow, controlled, continuous tension, quick transitions and effective range of motion in order to burn through slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, alike. ” This class was different than my normal workouts, but it was still really difficult.

    Fierce 45 Denver
    Wednesday: 25 min swim using my vivoactive watch that tracked distance. I loved it!
    Thursday: OTF Wash Park, it’s Hellweek at my studio which is a challenge to complete 6 of the very difficult workouts in one week. I am not participating (see above workouts) but the workout was very hard- it was called Silence of the Limbs and had a lot of arm work and all out runs on a steep incline.
    Friday: off day.

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