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Friday Faves #16

Hi everyone! Happy Long Weekend! I’m soooo excited for the weekend. Do you have any traditions for the 4th? My college roommate is coming to visit, we are planning to hang out and then hike a bunch. It should be a blast. I’m also excited to leave hot and humid Orlando and head back to dry Denver. ¬†Before the weekend begins, I wanted to share my Friday Faves #16 with you.

Friday Faves #16

Hair and Make Up- its so fun to get your hair and make up done for weddings! A few weeks ago, I was in Fort Worth for my friends wedding. I wish I had someone to do my hair and make up more often. I got fake eyelashes for the first time ever, and they were actually pretty fun! Also, the wedding was a blast and I was so happy to be part of my friend Kristin’s big day!


Poke Bowls- I have a love for Poke bowls! They are similar to sushi, but in bowl form. I love spicy aioli on mine, and lots of veggies with it! Yum! There is a good place south of Denver that I like to go to. Have you tried Poke Bowls yet?


Pinterest crafts- my friends and I made a fun pinterest gift for a wedding. It was 6 different bottles of alcohol with different milestones up to the wedding! We did practice your first dance, send your invites, etc.

Friday-Faves-16 Friday-Faves-16

In Defense of Food– Michael Pollan. In college, this was a campus wide read. Back then, I only read about 2/3 of the book, and recently I found it online on audible. I’m really close to finishing the book. It has really reminded me why I’m a vegetarian and I still love the slogan-¬†Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. I actually saw Michael Pollan speak in college, and I learned a lot from him.

Speaking of books, have you heard of Overdrive? It’s an app for public libraries, where you can find eBooks and Audio Books. You can get it for your phone, tablet, or computer. It allows you to rent books from the library electronically. I was able to get the book above on there, and then I could listen to it on the go and even while working out! It was fun!

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to catch up with all of you afterwards!

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