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Denver Birthday Fun

Last week was my 27th birthday, and I had a great time celebrating. On my actual birthday (11/8- Election Day- womp womp) I had a cook out with friends. This past weekend, I had some Denver birthday fun and I was able to celebrate the engagement of two of my closest friends. We did a 2.25 mile hike up Green Mountain (William Hayden Park) where my friends boyfriend was waiting to propose. It was sooo much fun! Getting engaged on a hike is true #fitlife style.

Thinking on 26, there were a lot of adventures:

  • I went to Thailand and South Korea to see my sister. My two cousins came along, and we had a really fun time together.
  • Kentucky Derby reunion with college friends
  • Many trips to Minnesota and beautiful lake Caribou.
  • Celebrating lots of weddings over the past year
  • Visits to Chicago
  • Weekend trips to Seattle and LA
  • Vacationing in Aspen

Needless to say, its been a really fun year. Birthdays can be very reflective and wow its weird getting older. Thankfully, my parents remind me that I’m still young. It’s always fun to catch up with family and friends!!

A few pictures of me and my sister from various ages in our childhood.

I usually love to ski on my birthday, but it’s been so unseasonably warm (oh hey global warming) in Denver that I chose to go hiking instead. I’m actually hoping that fall and winter come soon to wear my blanket scarves, and my new winter everyday coat.

A little bit more about Saturday’s hike at Green Mountain. This hike is fun because its short, close to Denver (about 30 minutes) and it over looks Red Rocks and at the top you can see the Denver sky line. I like to take the trail up which is about 2.25 miles, and take the service road down for another mile.

Recent Workouts

Monday 11/7: Fierce 45 workout, I signed up for my first week at the studio, and it was really inexpensive. I was able to take three classes in one week! Biked to work about 9 miles
Tuesday 11/8: Day off in honor of my birthday. Biked to work about 9 miles
Wednesday 11/9: Run/walk with a friend for a total of XXX miles. This is a great way to incorporate catching up with friends, and exercising. Gotta love friends who work out together :)!
Thursday 11/10: OrangeTheory Fitness- strength day with hills on the treadmill.
Friday 11/11: Fierce45 Lagree
Saturday: See above, and Fierce 45 Lagree
Sunday: 25 mile bike ride, where a few strangers helped me patch my tire. Now I own a tire repair kit, but I still have to learn how to do it!

Monday 11/15: Off day!

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