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Chicago Marathon Training- Long Run Lessons

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good Tuesday. Is it just me or is summer going like crazy now? I feel like its been going bye so fast, and I can’t make it slow down enough. In Denver, most of the public schools have gone back to school. I’m still a true midwesterner and I believe that summer is from Mid June to Labor Day. But sadly that’s coming up quickly too! About a week and a half ago, I went on a long run (19 miles) in Minneapolis. It turned out to be a little mentally draining, but I learned a few long run lessons that I wanted to share with you.




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Long Run Lessons

  1. Every run serves an important purpose. Through reflection, I realized that this run was for the mental game. If I suffered through this run, walking, cursing, wishing it was over, I can 100% do the full 26.2 in the race.
  2. Appreciate the times when your body takes you on a run. During this run my stomach (GI) was doing well, and my body wasn’t very sore. I love those kind of days, and usually I love to run fast on those days. But it doesn’t always happen, and that is okay.
  3. Long runs are great for listening to audiobooks or catching up on podcasts. Seriously, this has been a lot of fun this year. Maybe one day, I’ll read an actual book again, but who knows when that will be! (Potentially vacation this week?!?!?)
  4. It’s important to run without music sometimes. As mentioned above, I’ve been listening a lot this marathon training. But mentally, it’s really good for me to just run sometimes. I’m able to pray, focus, be creative, think about blogging, plan my next week, etc. I like to take it back to my original no music running days.
  5. Long runs are an incremental part of training, but they don’t mirror race day, and thats a blessing! Usually, I go to OrangeTheory on Thursdays. So if i do a Friday or Saturday long run, I’m a bit sore from squats in class. On race day, you will be tapering, and your body won’t be sore. Your body will be excited to run!!long-run-lessons

Do you have any long run lessons to share with me?? I’m all ears!

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