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Chicago Marathon Training- foot pain

Monday once again, woof! I had a great weekend in Steamboat which I will be sharing with you soon! Did you do anything fun this weekend? I hope all of you have been staying cool in this summer heat and been staying injury free. I’ve been suffering from some foot pain over the past 2 weeks of training. I’m hoping to cure it soon and feel 100% again. Remember when I tripped in Houston? This foot pain is a little different, and its a little harder to manage with a training schedule.

Let me back up, I had an AMAZING time in Banff two weekends ago, but I think I gave myself an overuse injury while I was there. My friends and I were hiking each day, and on two of these days I also decided to do longer runs. I ran 6 miles one day and 8 miles the next. By the time I got to my work trip on Monday, I realized that my left food hurt a bit. It’s a weird spot on the inside of my foot. It didn’t help that I was wearing flat and unsupportive shoes while at this work trip.

I’ve been trying to cure this injury without physical therapy. I’ve been wearing my foot boot around my house at night, foam rolling and stretching, icing and taking a rest day if it continues to hurt. This foot pain is a little weird because it doesn’t hurt when I wake up, the pain starts a little after lunch, and sometimes it continues to get worse during the day. If I wasn’t training for a marathon, this foot pain would be very minor and I would probably ignore it. However, with Chicago Marathon training, I feel like I should try and address it.



Highlights of Week 3 and 4

Training in Orlando was mentally difficult for me. This was partially because of my foot, but also because of the HUMIDITY. I can’t imagine running in Orlando all year, so I commend those who do! Every time I ran, it looked like I had taken a full shower. So that wasn’t ideal in my dry shampoo hair life. I was glad to be back in Denver last week with all the dry air. It has definitely been hot though. Some days I’ve left work and its been almost 100 degrees. I’ve been trying to get my workouts in before work.


Also, I swam once in Orlando which was interesting. The pool was very warm and it kind of made me nauseous by the end of the workout. I swam at the rec center one day too. I’m hoping to get outside in Denver this week for a swim too!

Even though I skipped a few workouts because of my foot, I’m still feeling good and confident. I feel like I will be able to stay on track if this injury or “injury” clears up soon!

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