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Slopeside Steamboat

Remember when I went to Steamboat in December? It was a pretty great trip. Three weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go back!! Once again, it was so much fun!!! The last time I was in Steamboat, only 1/3 of the terrain was open, and this time, the whole mountain was open!!  I went with two college friends (now Denver friends), and we had a blast exploring the mountain.


Houston recap

Last weekend, I spent some time visiting a friend in Houston. After a bit of weather chaos and a flight change leaving OKC, it turned into a really fun weekend in Houston! We checked out a lot of great restaurants and a cool brewery! It was really awesome catching up with friends, and hanging out. I loved seeing my friends city! And to be honest, this Midwest girl had a great time. Houston at 75 degrees, I’ll take it!


5 tips to Hosting Visitors

There are so many perks of living in Denver, mountains, sunshine, mild weather, visitors, and so many more. It’s fun living in a place where people want to visit and want to go on adventures. (Shout out to the adventure chicks and their visit a couple years ago). It’s fun when people come into town to hike or ski, or just to hang out with me :). I love showing people around Denver, and Summit County! As anyone who has hosted visitors knows, it can be a little overwhelming. Cleaning your home, having clean towels and bedding for your guests, planning the weekend, etc. I wanted to share a few tips with you for hosting visitors.


Moab, Utah

A couple weeks ago, I went to Moab, Utah for a quick business trip. The trip itself was pretty chaotic, but I was able to go to two great restaurants on the way. I was also able to go to Arches National Park while I was there.

Moab, Utah (more…)

2017 goals

Does anyone write down goals for the year? Or resolutions that they will stick to? (more…)