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Tri Training weeks 7 and 8

Happy long weekend and happy friday! I’ve been taking vacation for the last week and a half and studying for my personal trainer exam. I passed my exam!!!!!! I am a certified personal trainer!  (A more detailed post on that later). I was in MN for a rainy weekend with friends and family, and this week I’ve been going back between tri training, studying, and errands.

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Open Water Swimming

Happy Friday, coming at you from rainy Minnesota. Don’t worry, I brought my Eddie Bauer purple rain coat with me. Purple rain anyone? Have you ever done any open water swimming?

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Triathlon Training weeks 5 and 6

Another work week come and gone. There has been a lot of rain in Denver this week, and I’ve been busy at work. I’m ready for the weekend. I don’t have a lot of plans, a couple triathlon work outs, including an OPEN WATER SWIM, and a graduation party for my friends! Triathlon training has been going well these last two weeks. The program I’m using is a mesocycle, so three weeks of increasing distances and one recovery week. This week was a recovery week, and I really enjoyed it.

Triathlon Training in Denver, CO


Investing in a Bike

Have I told you guys how much I love my bike? It’s great for a short commute to work, and it stuck with me through a Sprint Triathlon. Let me tell you, I’d been considering investing in a bike for years. The last bike I got for myself was when I was about 8, it was purple and wrapped by my new foosball table on Christmas morning. #Tomboylife. In college, I used a bike that was my dad’s and from a garage sale. It got me from point A to point B around campus. But I think it was older than me…

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ClassPass review

For the first year since college, I am not going to the Kentucky Derby. My friend group went four years in a row, but this year we decided not to do it. I’m sad that I will not be going to the Derby, but excited to spend my time and money on other trips in 2017. More importantly, it’s been awhile since I saw our big college group. I miss them. Throwback to Derby 2015–

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