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Black Friday

Who else is excited for Black Friday!?? I still think its cool that the Mall of America (in my hometown) took a stance and closed all stores, movie theaters, amusement parks, etc for the holiday! To be honest, my family goes to the Mall of America in the morning of Black Friday, and its not that busy. A lot of people go in the early hours of the morning, and by mid morning, the mall isn’t too bad. I pick out a lot of my belated birthday presents on that day, and I always get some great finds.

My all time favorite store is Nordstrom. I’m kind of an addict, and a Nordstrom snob. I will shop at Hautelook online, but I get seriously flustered trying to shop at Nordstrom Rack. However, Black Friday and Nordstrom don’t go together. Since Nordstrom doesn’t really appeal to the sale or budgeting crowd, they don’t have that many good sales on Black Friday :(. But do check out their anniversary sale in July where things are 33% off! I stock up on deals on that day including winter clothes!

Places to get great deals:
The Limited
Banana Republic
J Crew
Ann Taylor
Eddie Bauer
Old Navy- I went there over the weekend, and they already started their Black Friday deals 40% off the whole store, and 50% if you have a card.

Black Friday

Have you ever been black Friday shopping? Do you go in the middle of the night??


Thursday- 3 mile run in Little Rock
Friday- 3 mile run in Chicago
Saturday- Off day
Sunday- about 5 miles walking and a 3 mile run in Chicago. For all the Chicago Runners out there, the 606 trail is one of my favorites. “The park and trail system is on Chicago‚Äôs Northwest side, running along Bloomingdale Ave (1800 N), from Ashland Ave (1600 W) on the east to Ridgeway Ave (3750 W) on the west. The project connects four ethnically and economically diverse Chicago neighborhoods: Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humboldt Park and Logan Square.” It’s a really cool place to run if you are in Chicago. There is even a bit of a padded part of the trail to minimize running on concrete. I also recommend running on the lakeshore trail in Chicago!
Monday- hill run near my parents house.

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