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Bike Commute

Have you ever biked to work? It can take so much planning! You need the right bike gear, the right work gear/equipment, the right clothes and shoes, your breakfast and lunch. Needless to say, it can be a little overwhelming. BUTTTTTT, with adequate preparation and routine, the bike commute is a great way to get to work.

Navigating the bike commute

Bike Commute


Light (if you will be biking before the sun rises or leaving work late!)

Work stuff

I take my compute home most nights, so I need to bring it back with me. I use a backpack for my bike commute.
Minimize the stuff in you bag as much as possible. Do you have two notebooks, but only use one every day? Take it out. Can you leave a calculator, writing utensils, water bottle at your desk? If you leave these types of items at work, you will save room in your backpack.

Clothes and shoes

I can usually bike to work in my normal clothes. But I need to pack other shoes. I typically wear my tennis shoes, or a pair of flat closed toed shoes and put my heels or flats in my bag. Sometimes, I wear the same shoes for a couple days at work and leave them at work. Denver mornings can be cold, so I usually bring a pair of gloves.


Don’t forget to pack your snacks, breakfast, and lunch in your bag. I prefer to bike on days where I’m not packing my lunch. My backpack will be lighter on those days. But a lot of times, I do pack my breakfast and lunch, but I make sure to use smaller tupperware and even plastic bags if possible.

Pro tip– check if your work has a secured place to lock up your bike. My building has a bike locker that you need a badge to access in a separate part of the parking lot! I like it a lot!

Here’s a cool article about benefits of biking to work–13 reasons to bike to work

Have you ever biked to work?? When I bike to and from work, I hope no one passes me. I almost always lose this “game,” but usually to people who have clip in shoes. I can’t wait to get some next spring!

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